Full truckload freight shipping

Scale Your Business with Cost-effective FTL Freight Shipping Solutions

We offer the most cost-effective and reliable Full Truckload Freight Shipping solution to meet your needs. Access our extensive shipping network of reputed, high-quality carriers in North America and enhance your truckload strategy.

What is FTL Freight Shipping?

In the vast landscape of shipping, Full Truckload (FTL) shipping stands out as a preferred choice for many businesses. Unlike Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping, where multiple shippers share space, FTL lets you exclusively book an entire truck. This ensures that your cargo remains undisturbed from pick-up to delivery, making it ideal for large consignments or those requiring extra care.
FTL Freight Shipping

Why is There a Demand for FTL Freight Shipping?

Companies often find it more cost-effective to send one full load than multiple smaller ones, primarily when supplying big-box retailers or conducting B2B e-commerce. FTL Freight Shipping provides a set of distinct advantages, catering directly to businesses requiring comprehensive, timely, and dedicated shipping solutions.

Exclusive Usage & Faster Delivery

With no other shipments to cater to, there's a direct route from pick-up to destination, reducing transit times.

Cost-Effective for Large Shipments

When shipping in bulk, FTL freight shipping often becomes more cost-effective than paying for multiple LTL shipments.

What Sets UUCargo Truckload Services Apart?

Navigating the suitable shipping options can be overwhelming in the vast expanse of the truckload shipping market. At UUCargo , we simplify this process by bringing together the best options under one platform. Our strength lies in streamlining a diverse shipping market, ensuring businesses remain adaptable amidst market changes or unexpected challenges.
We often provide special route discounts, striking the perfect balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your FTL shipping needs.







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Choose the Type that Best Suits Your Needs

Dry Van

The go-to solution for transporting large volumes of non-perishable goods cost-effectively.

Temperature Controlled

Leverage our precision temperature-managed shipping solutions to ensure your temperature-sensitive freight arrives safely and on schedule.

Flatbed/Open Deck

Shipping oversized or heavy freight with open deck services. We offer the best prices from our partner carriers to eliminate unnecessary open deck services costs.

Multi-Stop Freight Services

Consolidate your deliveries to multiple facilities in a single trip, eliminating the need for separate bookings and ultimately saving both time and money.
Elevate Your FTL Shipping Experience with UUCargo! Dive into a world of efficiency, savings, and top-notch service.
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